mERP Backstore

Mobile ERP Backstore

In the Mobile ERP web view, all processes and results that have been carried out on mobile ERP devices are clearly displayed. The mobile ERP backstore is the stationary, global counterpart to the local, mobile devices in the branches.

The output can be filtered, for example, according to period, OrgUnit, branch, department and status. But customer-side ERP numbers (e.g. from SAP) can also be queried. Open, completed or failed tasks are sorted by list of goods, branch, department and time / date of entry.

Screenshot des soviaRetail Backstores mit Übersicht Sortimentsabschriften

On the other hand, the Mobile ERP Backstore also offers the option of repeating processes that have already been carried out (for example, printing delivery notes) with one click. Where the process would have to be restarted in the InStore Assistant or the mERP device, the user can filter past processes in the desktop view much more comfortably and call them up again. Goods movements such as the retrieval of goods that have been stored can also be carried out in the mERP Center.

The new support tool provides insights into frequently posted error tickets and displays additional logs and information. The aim is to enable the customer to make more detailed statements about failed processes and to check them directly.

Screenshot Backstore Support Tool

If inventories are pending, these are initialized in the mERP Backstore. The type of inventory, period, branch and external service provider are first defined there before the inventory order is forwarded to the relevant shop. The result of the completed inventory is then also available in all details in the backstore. In the inventory cockpit, for example, you can add delivery notes for items that have to be recorded in the inventory but have not yet arrived at the store at the time of the count. gift boxes and window books can also be included in the result.

The license overview shows which devices have been licensed for a specific branch. Statistics are sent by e-mail once a month showing which devices have been used in the last four weeks.

Screenshot Backstore Inventur Cockpit

At a glance

  • Overview of all announced or executed ERP processes
  • Global view of local processes
  • Many options for filters
  • Simple repetition of already executed processes (e.g. printing of delivery notes)
  • Mapping of tickets and error logs to make them easier to understand
  • For initializing and supplementing inventories
  • Overview of the devices licensed for a branch

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