Software as a Service

Software as a Service

On-premise systems - i.e. software that the customer has to install and operate himself - have the major disadvantage that the customer also has to take care of the entire infrastructure, such as the server. In the case of extensive applications, this can quickly become a challenge in terms of time and money.

That is why we offer our services as a software as a service model. We are moving all functions to the cloud. Expensive hardware investments in the form of additional storage devices are no longer necessary. A monthly rental model also guarantees a high degree of flexibility for scaling. In addition, the cloud guarantees worldwide access available around the clock.

The soviaRetail backstore can be accessed with all common browsers, as well as Android and iOS devices. A local software installation is no longer necessary.

At a glance

  • No on-premise systems/expensive hardware costs required for the customer
  • All functions are relocated to the cloud
  • Worldwide, around-the-clock access
  • Monthly rental model
  • No local software installation as it is 100% browser-based

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