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Grafik, die mögliche Schnittstellen zwischen Kundensystem, soviaRetail und unseren Produkten zeigt

The core product of our solutions is soviaRetail - an independent platform developed by us for the fast and uncomplicated implementation of digital in-store solutions. One platform for many ranges of application.

soviaRetail offers standard connections to all common systems in retail. PIM, DAM, ERP, POS and eCommerce data are processed in soviaRetail and made available for InStore solutions such as digital signage, the InStore Assistant, interactive shop windows, store operations, interactive fitting rooms or self-service terminals.

soviaRetail has been specially developed for the fashion and lifestyle trade. Our data structure therefore corresponds to that of retail, including SKUs, styles, color and size differentiations. Networking is a central component of soviaRetail. That is why we not only offer omnichannel processes, but also ensure that the solutions interact with one another.

At a glance - soviaRetail

  • in-house software platform for all digital in-store solutions
  • connects to all common ERP systems
  • accesses PIM, DAM, ERP, POS and eCommerce data


Within the soviaRetail system, the soviaRetailCore is the central platform for the management, posting and distribution of all data and information. The soviaRetailCore links to existing systems and thus combines a wide variety of information sources such as ERP, CRM or online shop. This consolidation will reduce the overhead of the multichannel business.

Schaubild sovia Core Cloud Architektur

At a glance - soviaCore

  • central platform within the soviaRetail system
  • All data is posted and distributed here
  • Links to information sources such as ERP, CRM or online shop


soviaRetail is secured by SSL encryption. Using access tokens, the system also supports the possibility of protecting web APIs from unauthorized access. The use of access tokens in conjunction with user authentication is a second factor that significantly increases security.

The registration at soviaRetail can also be done via the standardized authentication system OpenID Connect (OIDC). This allows the user administration of external OIDC identity providers such as

  • Windows Active Directory,
  • Azure Active Directory or
  • SAP

can be used for user login.

Optionally, you can log into the InStore Assistant or project-specific sovia applications on Android and iOS devices using biometric techniques (e.g. fingerprint or Face-ID). With sovia browser applications, single sign-on (SSO) is optionally supported.

By assigning roles and rights, access within the system can also be restricted. Instead of assigning individual rights to many users directly, a user role is defined. This contains the rights that are required for the task to which the role is intended. The role can then be assigned to multiple users. This makes it easier to assign certain rights because, especially when the rights structure is changed, only the rights assignment within the role has to be adjusted.

At a glance - security

  • SSL encryption
  • Access tokens secure web APIs from unauthorized access
  • Registration via OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Identity providers are for example: Windows Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SAP
  • If the hardware supports biometric access, this is also possible
  • Rights and roles regulate user rights globally

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