Digital Signpost in Retail

Digitaler Wegweiser bei Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof

Digital signposts are the new addition to our service portfolio to replace printed signs with digital solutions. They are mainly found in large department stores at escalators and entrances to provide customers with quick orientation.

Product range changes, additional information such as Click & Collect terminals and weekly promotions can be quickly and easily adapted and advertised with the digital signposts. They consist of software that can be operated intuitively, a 55“ touch display and a totem which, with a depth of only 70mm, impresses with its light and airy design. The content of the guide can be easily adjusted in the soviaRetail backend. The following functions are available:

  • Each floor can be adapted using its own template
  • Up to 8 pictograms, for example with information on toilets, Click & Collect counters, restaurants, hairdressers, etc. can be displayed on each floor.
  • It can also be shown whether there is a cashier on the floor
  • In the special offers area, weekly campaigns, special information, etc. can be advertised using scrolling text
  • All content can be created in different languages. The customer has the option of choosing a language using up to 7 flag symbols

In addition, digital signage advertising can also be displayed in partial areas or over the entire screen area.

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